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Determines if the current SASL authentication mechanism in included in a list of service names.

Service names to examine for the current SASL authentication mechanism. 

Boolean - True when the current service name is included in the list.

IsAuthProtocolAvailable is a virtual Boolean function used to indicate the current SASL authentication mechanism is included in the list of service names specified in AFeatStrings. 

IsAuthProtocolAvailable examines the values in AFeatStrings to determine if the current ServiceName is found in the list. IsAuthProtocolAvailable can be used with values like those returned from the SMTP EHLO command. 

When IsAuthProtocolAvailable contains True, the SASL authentication exchange can be performed using the StartAuthenticate, ContinueAuthenticate, and FinishAuthenticate methods in the current object instance.

ServiceName StartAuthenticate ContinueAuthenticate FinishAuthenticate TIdSMTP.UseEHLO TIdSMTP.AuthType

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