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TIdSASLAnonymous.TraceInfo Property

Optional trace information used in the Anonymous authentication mechanism.

property TraceInfo: String;

TraceInfo is a String property that represents the optional trace information used in the Anonymous authentication mechanism. 

TraceInfo is sent in response to the serve challenge for the Anonymous authentication mechanism. TraceInfo is the value returned by the StartAuthenticate method specified in the SASL framework for the Indy library. 

TraceInfo may contain a human-readable String in one of the three following forms: 

  • an Internet email address
  • an opaque string which does not contain the '@' character and can be interpreted by the administrator of the client domain
  • a blank value

The trace information used in Anonymous SASL is not authenticated - so it can be falsified. This can be used as an attempt to get someone else in trouble for access to questionable information. Administrators trying to trace abuse need to realize this information may be falsified.

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