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TIdRexecServer Class

Implements a Remote Execution (REXEC) daemon.

TIdRexecServer = class(TIdRemoteCMDServer);

TIdRexecServer is a TIdRemoteCMDServer decendant that implements a multi-threaded REXEC Daemon (Server) based on the Remote Execution (REXEC) defacto standard. 

The REXEC protocol provides remote execution facilities for a command, using authentication based on username and password values. The REXEC daemon performs automatic login, and user authentication when user name and password are provided. 

TIdRexecServer implements event handlers that allow notification and execution of a command from a remote client. Client connections to TIdRexecServer may provide a port number to be used to redirect output from the standard error handler, or NULL to indicate that standard error redirection is not required. 

A TIdRexecServer implementation may assign a procedure to the OnCommand event handler to OnCommand to control execution of the client thread.

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