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TIdRexec Class

This class implements Remote Execution (Rexec) as a client.

TIdRexec = class(TIdRemoteCMDClient);

TIdRexec is a TIdRemoteCMDClient descendant that implements Unix Remote Execution (Rexec) as a client. 

The Rexec protocol is sometimes used to run tasks from remote locations while requiring password authentication. This protocol was originally intended as a temporary "hack" in some older Berkeley Unix Distributions that came into wide usage. 

Note that while this protocol is a little more secure than RSH, it still can pose a security hazard on the Internet because the User ID and password are sent in plain-text and that can easily be intercepted by someone wanting to run destructive program. 

To use this component: 

  • Set the TIdRexec.Host to the I.P. Address or name of the remote machine.

  • Set the TIdRexec.UserName to the user's remote User ID



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