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TIdRawClient Class

Specifies a client that uses Raw sockets.

TIdRawClient = class(TIdRawBase);

TIdRawClient is a TIdRawBase descendant that specifies a client capable of using Raw socket connections. This allows the programmer to code for protocols that are not supported by the standard stack (ICMP, IGMP or any custom protocol). 

TIdRawClient does not provide an implementation; implementation will be provided in descendant classes tailored to a specific protocol, like TIdIcmpClient

Depending on the underlying operating system and on the security privilege of the user, it might also allow the programmer to build the IP header (currently, this is only supported by Windows 2000). 

Microsoft Windows Socket 2 Update  

For Windows98, no updates are required because that included Winsock 2. 

For WindowsNT, you need administrative rights and Service Pack 3.

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