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TIdRSHServer Class

Implements a RSH Daemon.

TIdRSHServer = class(TIdRemoteCMDServer);

TIdRSHServer is a TIdRemoteCMDServer descendant that implements a Remote Shell Daemon (RSHD), and allows remote client connections to connect and execute commands or service requests. TIdRSHServer specifies Properties, Methods, and Events that allow the server to implement and execute command requests using the RSH Protocol. 

By convention, TIdRSHServer forces all client connection requests to use port numbers in a reserved range 0 through 1023. TIdRSHServer allows creation of a secondary client connection to be used for redirecting standard error output to the RSH client. A secondary connection is created when a non-null valid port number is provided in the connection request. 

TIdRSHServer uses the source address of the client connection request to determine the name of the client host. If the name cannot be determined, the rshd daemon uses the dotted decimal representation of the client host address. 

When a client thread is executed for TIdRSHServer, values are read from the client connection for the user name on the client host, user name on the local server, and the password for use on the local server. 

TIdRSHServer provides the OnCommand event handler to allow the implementation to control platform-specific authentication and execution of the command for the RSH session.

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