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TIdRSH Class

Implements Unix Remote Shell (RSH) client.

TIdRSH = class(TIdRemoteCMDClient);

TIdRSH is a TIdRemoteCMDClient descendant that implements a Unix Remote Shell (RSH) client. The RSH protocol is sometimes used to run tasks from remote locations without having to send passwords to a remote system. 

The RSH protocol was originally intended as a temporary "hack" in some older Berkeley Unix Distributions that came into wide usage. 

Please note that this protocol can pose a security hazard on the Internet, as it uses only user ID's which are sent as clear text. In addition, IP Addresses and host names used as part of the server authentication can be falsified. Port number restrictions for the RSH protocol can easily be overcome by using a single-user operating system or by someone with administrative privileges on a multi-user operating system. 

The RSH protocol is not compatible with some firewall/proxy configurations. 

To use this component: 

  • Set Host to the IP Address or host name for the remote machine.
  • Set ClientUserName to the user's local User ID.
  • Set HostUserName to the user's remote User ID.
  • Use the Execute method with a command to be run on the remote machine.

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