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Reads a specified numbers of lines for the specified message number.

Message number to access in the mailbox.
Destination for values read from the mailbox.
Number of lines to read from the message. Default is 0. 

boolean - True when the POP3 TOP command is supported on the server implementation.

Top is a boolean function used to read the number of lines specified in AMaxLines from the message number indicated in AMsgNum. AMsgNum cannot refer to a message marked for deletion in a prior call to Delete. 

Top is used to retrieve message headers and up to the number of body lines indicated in AMaxLines for the message. If AMaxLines is greater than the number of lines in the message body or 0 (zero), the entire message is sent. 

Top executes the POP3 TOP command to retrieve the multiline server response with the desired message content. Top uses the Capture method in the IOHandler to store data from the server in the storage destination specified in ADest. 

TOP is an optional command in the POP3 protocol, and may not be available on all POP3 server implementations.

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