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TIdPOP3.DisconnectNotifyPeer Method

Closes the client connection to the POP3 server.

procedure DisconnectNotifyPeer; override;

DisconnectNotifyPeer is an overridden method in TIdPOP3 used to close the client connection to the POP3 server opened in Connect

DisconnectNotifyPeer implements the POP3 QUIT command to signal that the client session and connection will be closed. All messages marked for deletion on the POP3 server will be physically removed from the server mailbox when DisconnectNotifyPeer is called. 

Use Reset to remove all message deletion marks created using the Delete method (and leave the messages in the POP3 mailbox) prior to calling DisconnectNotifyPeer or Disconnect

Use Disconnect to closed the client connection and leave messages marked for deletion intact on the POP3 server. 

DisconnectNotifyPeer calls the inherited DisconnectNotifyPeer method prior to exiting.

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