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TIdPOP3.Connect Method

Opens a POP3 client connection.

procedure Connect; override;

Connect is a procedure used to establish a connection to the POP3 server using the values specified in the Host and Port properties. 

Connect resets the HasCAPA property to False. 

When UseTLS indicates transport-level security is desired, Connect adjusts the passthrough property of the IOHandler to match the value in UseTLS

Connect calls the inherited Connect method, and waits for a valid connection for the required number of milliseconds. 

Connects sets the value in GreetingBanner using the POP3 response from the server, and calls CAPA to determine if Capabilities are supported on the server implementation. 

When AutoLogin contains True, Connect calls Login to perform account authentication. Use Login top perform the account authentication manually. 

Use Disconnect to commit message deletions in the mailbox, and close the POP3 client connection.

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