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Indicates the POP3 CAPA command is supported for the POP3 client connection.

function CAPA: Boolean;

Boolean - True when the POP3 SMTP CAPA command is supported for the connection.

CAPA is a Boolean function used to determine if the POP3 CAPA command is supported for the client connection to the POP3 server. CAPA is used to capture the Capabilities returned in the SMTP response. 

CAPA returns True when the command is supported by the destination POP3 server for the connection. HasCAPA is also set to True when the CAPA command is supported. 

CAPA is used in Connect after the connection to the POP3 server identified in Host and Port has been established, and the value in GreetingBanner has been read from the server response.

TIdPOP3.HasCAPA TIdPOP3.Connect TIdPOP3.GreetingBanner

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