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TIdPOP3.AuthType Property

Authentication type required for the POP3 client.

property AuthType: TIdPOP3AuthenticationType;

AuthType is a TIdPOP3AuthenticationType property that specifies the authentication type to use when authenticating the POP3 client to the server identified in Host and Port

AuthType can contain one of the following values and associated meanings: 


Authenticate using a username and password for the client. 
Alternate authentication using a 128-bit MD5 hash value. 
Authenticate using SASL mechanisms. 


AuthType is used in Login to determine the authentication protocol used to perform the operation. 

When AuthType is atAPOP, the POP3 APOP command is used for authentication. The value in GreetingBanner is used to construct the 128-bit MD5 hash value (in hexadecimal form) for the authentication request. 

When AuthType is atUserPass, the POP3 USER and PASS commands are used with the Username and Password properties to perform authentication for the POP3 client connection. 

When AuthType is atSASL, the SASLMechanisms.LoginSASL method is used to perform authentication for the Capabilities supported on the connection to the server. 

The default value for AuthType is DEF_ATYPE, as assigned in the Create constructor. 

Set values for the Host, Port, and AuthType properties prior to calling Connect or Login.

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