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Implements retrieval of messages from the server mail store.

OnRETR is a TIdPOP3ServerMessageNumberEvent property that represents the event handler signalled when a threaded client connection performs the POP3 RETR command verb. 

OnRETR allows the server to retrieve the specified message number from the server mail store. OnRETR must write the RFC-compliant contents of the message to the connection for the POP3 client. OnRETR is responsible for writing the initial +OK response that includes the message size, the contents of the RFC message, and the terminating '.' for the retrieved message. 

The message number cannot refer to a message marked for deletion, or a negative POP3 response should be returned from the event handler. OnRETR is not triggered when TIdPOP3ServerThread.State contains a value other than Trans. Negative POP3 responses are written by the RETR command handler when TIdPOP3ServerThread.State is invalid, or the OnRETR event handler has not been assigned.

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