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TIdNetworkCalculator.IsAddressRoutable Property

Indicates if the network address is a routable public IP address.

property IsAddressRoutable: Boolean;

Boolean - True when the network address is a public IP address.

IsAddressRoutable is a read-only Boolean property that indicates if the value in NetworkAddress represents an internet address that can be passed to the public internet. 

IsAddressRoutable compares the Byte values in NetworkAddress to ensure that the address does not reside in the IANA-assigned Private Address Space, including the following IP Address blocks: 



---------- --------------- 


The Private Address Space allows an organization to decide the use of IP addresses without any coordination with IANA or an Internet registry. Addresses within the Private Address Space will only be unique within the enterprise, or the set of enterprises which choose to cooperate over this space so they may communicate with each other in their own private internet. As a result, these network address cannot be routed to the public internet.

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