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TIdNetworkCalculator.FillIPList Method

Generates a list of valid IP address for the network.

procedure FillIPList;

FillIPList is a procedure used to generate a list of valid IP addresses for the network. The list of valid addresses is stored in ListIP. IP addresses are create in "dotted-decimal" form, like 

FillIPList is used when reading values from the ListIP property. FillIPList populates the address list when it does not contain any entries, or in the OnNetAddressChange and OnNetMaskChange event handlers. 

FillIPList uses the values in NetworkAddress and NetworkMask to perform calculations for available network addresses. The binary length of NetworkMask is used to determine the maximum number of IP addresses on the network in NumIP

FillIPList will not create a list of IP addresses in the IDE, or when the component state is csDesigning, if the length of the list from NumIP will exceed 1024 entries. This is done to prevent a long loop where the IDE would appear to be locked.

ListIP NetworkAddress NetworkMask NumIP OnNetAddressChange OnNetMaskChange

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