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TIdNetscapeCookie Class

Implements a persistent state mechanism for HTTP connections using Cookies.

TIdNetscapeCookie = class(TIdCollectionItem);

TIdNetscapeCookie is a TIdCollectionItem descendant that implements a persistent state mechanism used to store and retrieve about HTTP client connections using Cookies, as described in the reference document: 

Netscape Persistent Client State - HTTP Cookies  

TIdNetscapeCookie provides methods and properties to allow introduction of one or more Cookie values and associated Cookie attributes to the client as part of an HTTP response, including the common Cookie headers Name, Value, Domain, Path, and Secure

TIdNetscapeCookie also implements the Expires header to let the client know when it is safe to purge Cookie data. 

TIdNetscapeCookie can also be used to represent Cookie values returned from a client to an HTTP Server. 

TIdNetscapeCookie is used as the ancestor for descendant classes that implement alternate Cookie representations, including TIdCookie2109 and TIdCookie2965.

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