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TIdNNTP.XOVER Method (string, TIdStrings)

Retrieve information from an article overview database.

procedure XOVER(
    AParam: string; 
    AResponse: TIdStrings
); overload;
Textual responses for each article. 
Article(s) to send.

XOVER is a procedure that retrieves information from an article overview database maintained on most news-servers and places the results in AResponse. 

AParm can be an article index such as "1", an article index followed by a dash to indicate the index and all articles following it such as "1-", or a range of articles such as "1-10". 

You can parse the results using the ParseXOVER method. You sometimes can parse for additional information by getting the format of the overview database with the GetOverviewFMT method. 

You have to use SelectGroup to select the newsgroup before using this method.

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