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TIdNNTP.TakeThis Method

Performs non-negotiated article transmissions.

function TakeThis(
    AMsgID: string; 
    AMsg: TIdStream
): string;
ASCII contents of the message(s) to send.
Stream containing the NNTP news article content. 

String - Textual response from the NNTP server.

TakeThis is a string function used to perform non-negotiated NNTP article transmission for a stream containing the headers and body of a news article. TakeThis is similar to IHAVE, except that no server response is expected after article transmission. 

AMsgID contains the message identifer for the news article to be transmitted. 

AMsg is a stream containing the entire contents of the news article including message headers and body. 

TakeThis calls SendCmd using the value in AMsgID to begin streaming article transmission. TakeThis writes the message contents in AMsg to the server using the Write method in the IOHandler followed by the terminating CRLF.CRLF character sequence.

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