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TIdNNTP.ParseXHDRLine Method

Parses an XHDR response line for message and header information.

procedure ParseXHDRLine(
    ALine: String; 
    out AMsg: String; 
    out AHeaderData: String
Data from the XHDR response.
Message number or identifier from the XHDR response.
Value for the requested header in the XHDR response. 

ParseXHDRLine is a procedure used to parse the XHDR response line in ALine into the message and header arguments specified in AMsg and AHeaderData. 

ALine contains the article number or message identifer from an NNTP article, a space, and then the contents of the header (without the header name or the colon and space that follow it) or metadata item. 

ParseXHDRLine separates the message information and the header data into the AMsg and AHeaderData arguments. AMsg can contain the value '0' when a message identifier is used to access an NNTP article instead of a message number (or range). 

ParseXHDRLine is used in XHDR to determine the values supplied to the OnXHDREntry event handler.

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