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Parses a newsgroup response line into variables.

Response line to be parsed.
Newsgroup name from the response line.
Highest message number from the response line.
Lowest message number from the response line.
Posting status information for the newsgroup. 

ParseNewsGroup is a procedure used to parse values returned in an NNTP response that includes information about one or more newsgroups on the NNTP server. ParseNewsGroup is used to decode an individual response line during processing of the response from the NNTP LIST or NEWGROUPS commands as implemented in GetNewsgroupList and GetNewGroupsList. 

ALine is a single line retrieved in the NNTP group response that contains the values to be parsed into the corresponding variable parameters ANewsgroup, AHi, ALo, and AStatus. 

ANewsgroup is the name of a newsgroup returned in the NNTP response line. 

AHi is the highest (or last) article number currently known to the newsgroup. 

ALo is the lowest (or first) article number currently known to the newsgroup. 

AStatus is the optional posting status information returned for the newsgroup, and normally contains the a 'y' or 'n' value. 'y' indicates that posting is allowed to the newsgroup. 'n' indicates that posting is prohibited to the newsgroup. 

On some NNTP server implementations, a value like 'm' may occur in AStatus to indicate that moderated posting is permitted. 

Parsed values in ANewsgroup, AHi, ALo, and AStatus are subsequently provided as parameters to the OnNewsgroupList and OnNewGroupsList event handlers.

GetNewsgroupList GetNewGroupsList OnNewsgroupList OnNewGroupsList

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