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Event handler signalled during processing of XOVER responses.

property OnXOVER: TIdEventXOVER;

OnXOVER is a TEventXOVEREvent property that represents the event handler signalled during processing of response lines in the XOVER method. 

OnXOVER allows the NNTP client to implement storage or indexing for information from the NNTP OVERVIEW database for NNTP articles matches the specified criteria. 

Applications must assign a procedure to the event handler property to allow responding to the event notification. An EIdNNTPNoOnXOVER exception will be raised if the OnXOVER event handler is unassigned during a call to XOVER

Parameters to the procedure represent standard XOVER values and extra data parsed from the server reponse line. 

OnXOVER is signalled once for each response line received in the XOVER method.


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