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Event handler signalled during processing of XHDR response lines.

property OnXHDREntry: TIdEventXHDREntry;

OnXHDREntry is a TEventXHDREntryEvent property that represents the event handler signalled when processing header values returned in the XHDR method. OnXHDREntry allows the NNTP client to implement storage or indexing for the requested values using the method appropriate to the client implementation. 

Applications must assign a procedure to the event handler to allow responding to the event notification. An EIdNNTPNoOnXHDREntry will be raised if the OnXHDREntry is unassigned during a call to the XHDR method. 

Arguments passed to the event handler procedure represent the header name, header value, message number, and the continuation flag for the processing loop. 

The required parameter is the name of a header line (e.g. "subject") in a news group article, as described in the Internet Standards document: 

RFC 1036 - Standard for Interchange of USENET Messages  

Other parameters are optional, and can contain empty string values. 

The optional range argument may be any of the following: 

  • an article number
  • an article number followed by a dash to indicate all following articles
  • an article number followed by a dash and another article number

The optional message-id argument indicates a specific article. The range and message-id arguments are mutually exclusive. If no argument is specified, then information from the current article is displayed. 

Set the ACanContinue argument to False in the event handler procedure to abort processing of header values from the XHDR method.


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