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TIdNNTP.OnNewGroupsList Property

Event handler signalled on receipt of values in the new newsgroup list.

property OnNewGroupsList: TIdEvenTIdNewsGroupList;
Name of the newsgroup.
Lowest index number for an available article.
Highest index number for an available article.
Posting status of the newsgroup.
True to continue newsgroup list retrieval. False to stop retrieval. 

OnNewGroupsList is a TEventNewsGroupList property that represents the event handler triggered when new newsgroups are retrieved using the GetNewGroupsList method. 

OnNewGroupsList is used when GetNewGroupsList is called without a TStrings destination for the new newsgroup listing. OnNewGroupsList will be triggered once for each NNTP server response line retrieved and processed in GetNewGroupsList

Applications must assigned a procedure to the event handler when TStrings is not used to store the newsgroup listing. If the event handler is unassigned, a EIdNNTPNoOnNewGroupsList exception will be raised. The event handler can be used to update the stored newsgroup list on the NNTP client using values in the event handler arguments. 

Setting ACanContinue to False stops processing newsgroups retrieved in the server response.

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