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Notifies the NNTP server of messages available for upload from the client.

procedure IHAVE(
    AMsg: TIdStringList
Message to be sent to the NNTP server. 

IHAVE is a procedure used to inform an NNTP server that the client has an NNTP article available for upload. AMsg contains text lines representing the contents of the NNTP article including message headers. 

IHAVE calls SendCmd using the NNTP IHAVE command and the 'Message-Id' header extracted from AMsg. If the server desires a copy of that article, it will return a numeric response code 335 instructing the client to send the contents of AMsg by writing the RFC contents of the message. If the server does not want the article, a numeric response indicating that the article is not wanted will be returned (435, 436, 437). 

IHAVE is intended for use in transferring already-posted articles between NNTP hosts. IHAVE is not normally used or permitted in NNTP client applications. IHAVE allows the NNTP message transport to perform negotiated article transmissions for articles already posted to the local NNTP host. 

Some NNTP server implementations may not be able to decide immediately that an article is inappropriate for posting or forwarding, and may acknowledge the successful transfer of an article that may be subsequently discarded.

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