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TIdNNTP.GetOverviewFMT Method

Retrieves the overview format from the server.

procedure GetOverviewFMT(
    AResponse: TIdStringList
Stores the Overview database format. 

GetOverviewFMT is a procedure that retrieves information from an NNTP server that describes the headers used in the overview database for each newsgroup. GetOverviewFMT implements the NNTP service extension for the LIST OVERVIEW.FMT command. 

The OVERVIEW.FMT file is maintained by some news transport systems to indicate the order in which header information is stored in the overview databases for each newsgroup. 

GetOverviewFMT captures the news article header fields in the order specified in the overview database, and stores the server responses in AResponse. If the NNTP server does not implement the LIST OVERVIEW.FMT, the server will return a numeric response code of 503 in the LastCmdResult property. 

GetOverviewFMT calls the Capture method in the IOHandler for the NNTP client to store the overview database format in AResponse.

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