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TIdNNTP.GetNewsgroupList Method ()

Requests a list of newsgroups found on the NNTP server.

procedure GetNewsgroupList; overload;

GetNewsgroupList is an overloaded procedure in TIdNNTP that retrieves a list of valid newsgroups on the NNTP server. GetNewsgroupList sends the NNTP LIST command to retrieve newsgroup information returned in the NNTP server response. 

The overloaded GetNewsgroupList procedures provide for handling NNTP server response lines using the OnNewsgroupList event handler. 

When GetNewsgroupList is called with no parameters, the OnNewsgroupList event handler is used to process receipt of individual response lines containing newsgroup information. 

Newsgroup information returned in an NNTP server response may consist of multiple lines of text, where each line is in the form: 


  groupname last first p


Tokens in the response line have the following meanings: 


newsgroup name. 
number of the last known article currently in the newsgroup. 
number of the first article currently in the newsgroup. 
posting status for the newsgroup. ('y'=allowed, 'n'=prohibited) 


Applications must assign a TEventNewsgroupList event handler to the OnNewsgroupList property to allow responding to the notification. An EIdNNTPNoOnNewsgroupList will be raised if the event handler is unassigned.

With the message RSNNTPNoOnNewsgroupList
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