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Determines if messages can be accepted by the NNTP server.

List of message IDs to verify.
List of responses from the server. 

Check is procedure that determines if an NNTP server can or will accept the list of message identifiers in AMsgIDs. Check is used to determine if a specific message identifier can be subsequently used with the TakeThis method by examining the server responses in AResponses. 

AMsgIDs should contain one message identifier per line for each message to be checked. Check calls SendCmd using the NNTP CHECK command for each value in AMsgIDs. Check does not wait for a server response after each CHECK command, but reads the expected number of responses prior to exiting from the method. 

AResponses will contain the responses received for the message identifiers in AMsgIDs. Use AResponses to determine which messages should be sent to the server. 

Server responses can include the following values and associated meanings: 



---- --------------------------------------------


238 no such article found, please send it to me 
400 not accepting articles 
431 try sending it again later 
438 already have it, please don't send it to me 
480 Transfer permission denied 
500 Command not understood 


Responses in the form X3X will include the message identifier in the text of the response. 

Check will raise an EIdNNTPStringListNotInitialized exception if AResponses is not a valid TStrings instance. 

For some NNTP server implementations, use of Check is optional prior to message transmission when Mode contains the value mtStream. The NNTP client can send all message identifiers using the TakeThis method.





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