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TIdMessage.Encoding Property

Identifies the encoding algorithm for message attachments.

property Encoding: TIdMessageEncoding;

Encoding is a TIdMessageEncoding property that represents the value to use for identifying the encoding algorithm for the Body in the message. Encoding may contain one of the following values and meanings: 


Use the message encoding detected by Indy. 
Use MIME encoding rules for the message content. 
Use UU-Encoding for the message content. 
Use XX-Encoding for the message content. 


When the value in Encoding is changed, the corresponding textual representation for the algortihm is stored in AttachmentEncoding; for



Encoding is used in GenerateHeader to ensure that ContentType and Charset reflect the values found in the body and attachments stored in message parts. 

The default value for Encoding is meDefault as assigned in the Create constructor.

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