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TIdMessage.DetermineIfMsgIsSinglePartMime Method

Indicates if the message has multiple message parts.

function DetermineIfMsgIsSinglePartMime: Boolean;

Boolean - True when a single message part exists for a MIME-encoded message.

DetermineIfMsgIsSinglePartMime is a Boolean function used to indicate if the message has been constructed using multiple message parts. 

DetermineIfMsgIsSinglePartMime returns False when any of the following conditions are met: 


DetermineIfMsgIsSinglePartMime is used to ensure that generated headers in LastGeneratedHeaders are properly updated in TIdMessage.GenerateHeaders. 

For a MIME-encoded message, the RFC 2822 "MIME-Version" header to be set to the value "1.0". If multiple message parts are used (when DetermineIfMsgIsSinglePartMime returns False), the relevant header for ContentType (and its optional CharSet and MIMEBoundary parameters) is generated. 

DetermineIfMsgIsSinglePartMime updates the value in the IsMsgSinglePartMime property to reflect the return value for the method.

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