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TIdMessage.ContentTransferEncoding Property

Specifies the MIME encoding for the message during message transmission.

property ContentTransferEncoding: string;

ContentTransferEncoding is a String property that specifies the MIME encoding used to represent message data transferred using a mail transport protocol. 

Common values for ContentTransferEncoding include the following: 


Value Meaning 

---------------- ------------------------------------------------


7bit Message contains 7-bit un-encoded US-ASCII data. 
8bit Message contains 8-bit un-encoded data. 
binary Message contains an un-encoded octet stream. 
quoted-printable Message contents transformed to 7-bit US-ASCII using quoted-printable encoding algorithm. 
base64 Message contents transformed to 7-bit US-ASCII using Base64 encoding algorithm. 


Use ContentType to determine the MIME media family and subtype for a message.

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