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TIdMessageEncoderList.RegisterEncoder Method

Registers and stores information about encoder class types.

class procedure RegisterEncoder(
    const AMessageEncoderName: string; 
    AMessageEncoderInfo: TIdMessageEncoderInfo
Name to be associated with the registered encoder class.
Information about the registered encoder class. 

RegisterEncoder is a class procedure in TIdMessageEncoderList that provides a mechanism for registering and storing information about encoder class types. 

RegisterEncoder checks to ensure that the list for registered encoder classed has be initialized to a valid TIdMessageEncoderList instance. RegisterEncoder adds the class information in AMessageEncoderInfo to the list, and associates the name in AName with the registered class type. 

RegisterEncoder is called from the initialization section of the Unit that contains the class type, like IdMessageCoder.pas, IdMessageCoderMIME.pas, IdMessageCoderUUE.pas, and IdMessageCoderXXE.pas.

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