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TIdMessageDecoder.ReadBody Method

Specifies the message decoder method used to extract an RFC-2822 message body.

function ReadBody(
    ADestStream: TIdStream; 
    var AMsgEnd: Boolean
): TIdMessageDecoder; virtual; abstract;
Stream where message body content will be stored.
Indicates the end of the message was encountered. 

TIdMessageDecoder - Message decoder used to process the message part.

ReadBody is an abstract virtual function in TIdMessageDecoder that Specifies the method used to extract an RFC-2822 message body in TIdMessageDecoder descendants to the stream specified in ADestStream. 

AMsgEnd is a variable parameter that indicates the end of the message was encountered while reading the body of the message or message part. 

TIdMessageDecoder descendants must re-implement the ReadBody method to provide support for the appropriate encoding algorithm and/or processing based on specific RFC message header values. 

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