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TIdMessageDecoderList.RegisterDecoder Method

Adds a decoder class to the list of registered decoder classes.

class procedure RegisterDecoder(
    const AMessageCoderName: string; 
    AMessageCoderInfo: TIdMessageDecoderInfo
Name to used for identification of the registered decoder class.
Decoder class information to be registered. 

RegisterDecoder is a class procedure in TIdMessageDecoderList that adds information about decoder classes for RFC 2822-compliant message parts to the list of registered decoder classes. 

RegisterDecoder ensures that the list for registered decoder classes has been initalized to an instance of TIdMessageDecoderList. RegisterDecoder adds the decoder information in AMessageCoderInfo to the list with the name specified in AMessageCoderName. 

RegisterDecoder is called as part of the initialization section of the unit that contains the decoder class, like IdMessageCoderMIME.pas, IdMessageCoderUUE.pas, and IdMessageCoderXXE.pas

The global list containing Registered decoder class instances is freed as part of finalization for the IdMessageCoder.pas unit.

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