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TIdMessageDecoderInfoUUE.CheckForStart Method

Implements detection of a UUEncoded packet, and creates the message coder for the message part.

function CheckForStart(
    ASender: TIdMessage; 
    const ALine: string
): TIdMessageDecoder; override;
Message containing the message part.
Line from the message part to be examined for UUEncode formatting. 

TIdMessageDecoder - Message Decoder class to use for the message part.

CheckForStart is an overridden TIdMessageDecoder function in TIdMessageDecoderInfoUUE that implements recognizing information in UUEncoded message packet, like the header section and PermissionCode, as well as constructing a TIdMessageDecoderUUE for the associated message. 

CheckForStart examines ALine to determine if it contains a UUencode header section, which consists of the keyword "begin" and the space-delimited values for PermissionCode and Filename. If the header section is detected, CheckForStart also sets PartType to ptAttachment.

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