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TIdMessageDecoderInfoMIME.CheckForStart Method

Detects a MIME boundary and creates a decoder class for the associated document.

function CheckForStart(
    ASender: TIdMessage; 
    const ALine: string
): TIdMessageDecoder; override;
Message to associate with a decoder class.
Line from a message header to check for a MIME boundary. 

TIdMessageDecoder - Decoder class instance for the message.

CheckForStart is an overridden TIdMessageDecoder function in TIdMessageDecoderInfoMIME that is used to create a decoder for MIME message parts. 

CheckForStart will create a decoder instance for the message in ASender when the MIME boundary marker in ASender is detected in ALine, or when ASender has an empty MIMEBoundary and the ContentTransferEncoding is 'base64' or 'quoted-printable'. 

Under all other conditions, the return value for the method is Nil.

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