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TIdMessageDecoderInfo Class

Represents information about registered decoder classes and detects coder usage for message part contents.

TIdMessageDecoderInfo = class;

TIdMessageDecoderInfo is a TObject descendant that specifies the base class for representing information about registered decoder classes. TIdMessageDecoderInfo also provides a mechanism to detect when a decoder is suitable for use in decoding the contents of a message part, and returns a reference to the decoder class. 

All methods in TIdMessageDecoderInfo are virtual. Descendant classes, like TIdMessageDecoderInfoMIME and TIdMessageDecoderInfoUUE, should implement the constructor and pertinent methods to provide support for specific encoding algorithms. 

Instances of TIdMessageDecoderInfo and descendant classes are stored in a global TIdMessageDecoderList variable to indicate that the decoder class is registered and available for use with message parts.

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