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TIdMappedPortTCP Class

Implements a port mapping proxy server for TCP connections to a remote computer.

TIdMappedPortTCP = class(TIdCustomTCPServer);

TIdMappedPortTCP is a TIdTCPServer descendant that implements a port mapping proxy server for connections to a remote computer system. 

TIdMappedPortTCP listens for connections on a designated port number, and makes an outbound connection to another server using another specified port number. Listener thread(s) defined in the Bindings for TIdMappedPortTCP create new thread- or fiber-based sessions using the ContextClass defined for the server. 

TIdMappedPortTCP provides event handler properties specific to the ContextClass for the server (TIdMappedPortContext), such as: 



The following diagram illustrates some the interactions for event handlers connections used in the server and client contexts defined in TIdMappedPortContext


TIdMappedPortTCP is useful in implementing transparent proxy server programs.

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