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TIdMappedPortContext.OutboundClient Property

Represents the remote connection for the proxied client session.

property OutboundClient: TIdTCPConnection;

OutboundClient is a TIdTCPConnection property that represents the remote connection for the proxied client session. 

OutboundClient is created and initialized when the TIdMappedPortTCP in Server accepts the new local client Connection

OutboundClient is given values in the Host and Port properties that correspond to the MappedHost and MappedPort properties for the Server. A socket-based IOHandler is created for OutboundClient that uses the value in ConnectTimeOut for the delay allowed before the remote connection attempt is aborted. 

The OutboundClient calls its Connect method, and immediately checks for available data on both the local client Connection and the OutboundClient connection. 

Any exception raised when creating the OutboundClient connection causes the local client Connection to be closed as well. 

Both Connection and OutboundClient are used extensively in Server procedures that trigger event handlers during execution of the client context. 

The OutboundClient connection is closed during Server processing that implements the Disconnect method for the local client Connection

Resources allocated to OutboundClient are freed in the Destroy method.

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