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TIdMappedPortContext Class

Implements the executable task created for each client connection to a TIdMappedPortTCP server.

TIdMappedPortContext = class(TIdContext);

TIdMappedPortContext is a TIdContext descendant that implements the executable task created for each client connection to a TIdMappedPortTCP server. 

TIdMappedPortContext is the class type assigned to the TIdMappedPortTCP.ContextClass property, and is used when a listener thread accepts a new connection to the server. 

TIdMappedPortContext introduces properties for the proxied client session, including: 


Provides access propeties and methods in the TIdMappedPortTCP server for the proxied client connection. 
Timeout in milliseconds for establishing the outbound connect for the proxied client session. 
Buffer used to exchange data between the local and remote connections for the proxied session. 
Remote connection established when the client establishes the proxied session. 
List of Socket handles used for the local and remote connections. 
List of Socket handles having data available for read or write operations. 


TIdMappedPortContext introduces a protected OutboundConnect method that establishes the outbound connection for the proxied client session using the MappedHost and MappedPort properties for the server. This method also ensures that an IOHandler exists for the outbound connection from the proxy server, and that event handlers are signalled for both the local and remote connection in the proxied client session.

TIdContext TIdMappedPortTCP.ContextClass

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