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TIdMLSTFTPListItem.CreationDateGMT Property

Represents the creation date and time for the file or directory entry.

property CreationDateGMT: TIdDateTime;

CreationDateGMT is a TIdDateTime property used to represent the optional date and time of creation for the file or directory entry expressed in the GMT timezone. 

Use CreationDate to access the date and time of creation expressed in the local timezone for the client. 

Values are assigned to the CreationDate and CreationDateGMT properties in the listing entry when the directory listing parser encounters the "create" fact in the Facts for the collection item. 

When CreationDateGMT is omitted for the file or directory entry, the property contains an empty date value (0.0). 

Use ModifiedDate and ModifiedDateGMT to access the last modification timestamp for the directory entry. 

Use LastAccessDateGMT and LastAccessDate to access the date and time the entry was last accessed.

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