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TIdMIMEBoundary.FindBoundary Method

Detects a boundary marker in a message header.

class function FindBoundary(
    AContentType: string
): string;
Content type header to be checked for a boundary marker parameter. 

String - Boundary marker detected or ''.

FindBoundary is a String class function used to examine the "content-Type" header specified in AContentType, and detect the presence of a boundary marker parameter. 

If a boundary marker is present, it is removed from AContentType and used as the return value for the method. If the boundary marker includes the '"' character (Decimal 34) at it's beginning and end, they are removed from the boundary marker. Leading and trailing Space characters (CHAR32) are also removed from the boundary marker. 

If a boundary marker is not detected, the return value for the method will be an empty string (''). 

During message header processing, FindBoundary is used to retrieve the boundary marker that will be added to the marker list using Push.

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