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TIdMIMEBoundaryStrings.GenerateRandomChar Method

Generates a random character for use in the Indy MIME boundary marker.

function GenerateRandomChar: Char;

Char - Random character to use in the MIME boundary marker.

GenerateRandomChar is a Char function used to generate a single character used in the string representing a MIME boundary. 

GenerateRandomChar returns random ASCII characters in the following categories and value ranges: 


Lower limit 
Upper limit 
Decimal 48 
Decimal 57 
uppercase letters 
Decimal 65 
Decimal 90 
lowercase letters 
Decimal 97 
Decimal 122 


GenerateRandomChar is used when generating the string that represents the Indy MIME boundary marker. The MIME boundary marker is of an arbitrary length, and contains other characters as recommended in RFC 2045.

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