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TIdLogStream Class

Implements an Indy logging intercept using stream-based storage for log messages.

TIdLogStream = class(TIdLogBase);

TIdLogStream is a TIdLogBase descendant that implements an Indy logging intercept using stream-based storage for data. TIdLogStream implements InputStream and OutputStream properties used as the targets for incoming and outgoing data from the logging intercept. 

TIdLogStream provides overridden protected methods that implement passing incoming and outgoing data to the assigned InputStream and OutputStream properties. 

TIdLogStream also specifies an overriden protected method that writes status messages for logging send and receive operations using the logging class instance. It is an empty implementation. Descendant classes must reimplement the method to specify the destination for status messages. 

TIdLogStream simply forwards the data for Send and Receive methods to the appropriate stream. No textual messages or date/timestamp values are included the values written to the input or output streams.




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