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TIdLogBase.Send Method

Writes log messages when data is sent with the intercept.

procedure Send(
    var ABuffer: TIdBytes
); override;
Values from a send operation to write to the logging intercept. 

Send is an overriden procedure in TIdLogBase that implements logging the contents in the buffer specified by ABuffer as part of a Send operation. 

Active must contain True, or no operation is performed in Send. 

When Active is True, Send calls the inherited method prior to constructing the contents of the log message from ABuffer. When LogTime is True, the current date and time stamp is prepended to the log message. When ReplaceCRLF is True, all instances of CR, LF, and EOL in the message are replaced with their tag counterparts, "<CR>", "<LF>", and "<EOL>". 

Send wites the log message containing the generated and received values to the storage destination for the logging intercept. 

Set Active to False to disable logging with intercept. 

Use Receive to implement logging the contents in a Receive operation.

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