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TIdLogBase Class

Defines an ancestor for logging components in the Indy library.

TIdLogBase = class(TIdConnectionIntercept);

TIdLogBase is a TIdConnectionIntercept descendant that specifies the interface and framework used for information about Indy communication components. 

TIdLogBase implements overridden methods and event handlers that extend TIdConnectionIntercept to perform logging when open, close, connect, disconnect, send, and receive operations are performed. 

Messages written to the log may optionally transform EOL characters (Carriage Return + Line Feed by default) to the token '<EOL>' the destination for the log messages. A log message can optionally include the date and time it was written to the log. 

TIdLogBase contains abstract virtual methods that specify the destination for log messages. TIdLogBase descendants must implement the virtual methods in the class to resolve where log messages are stored, or written.

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