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TIdLocalEvent.Create Constructor

Constructor for the object instance.

constructor Create(
    const AInitialState: Boolean = False; 
    const AManualReset: Boolean = False
); reintroduce;
Indicates if the initial signal state is cleared. Default value is False.
Indicates if the signal state is reset for a waiting thread. Default value is False. 

Create is the reintroduced constructor for the object instance. Create calls the inherited Create method using the input parameters to initialize the object instance. 

TIdLocalEvent is created using the default Event attributes to allow inheritance of the security attributes of the process that creates the event. 

When AInitialState is False, the TIdLocalEvent is created with the initial event signal state cleared (not set). 

When AManualReset is False, the TIdLocalEvent can be automatically reset when the single thread that waits on the signal is released. It does not require a call to ResetEvent.

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