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TIdLPRControlFile.FileFormat Property

Specifies the format of the file you are sending to the LPR daemon.

property FileFormat: TIdLPRFileFormat;

FileFormat is a TIdLPRFileFormat property that specifies the format of the file you are sending to the daemon, or how the file is to be printed by the daemon. 

FileFormat can contain one of the following values: 


Value Meaning 

---------------- --------------------------------------------------


ffCIF CalTech Intermediate Form 
ffDVI DVI (TeX output) 
ffFormattedText add formatting as needed to text file 
ffPlot - Berkeley Unix plot library 
ffControlCharText text file with control characters 
ffDitroff ditroff output 
ffPostScript Postscript output file (.PS) 
ffPR 'pr' format 
ffFORTRAM FORTRAN carriage control 
ffTroff Troff output 
ffSunRaster Sun raster format file (.RAS,.RAST,.SUN,.SR,.SCR) 


The default value for FileFormat is DEF_FILEFORMAT.

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