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TIdInterceptSimLog Class

Writes log file entries for data sent and received using the connection intercept.

TIdInterceptSimLog = class(TIdConnectionIntercept);

TIdInterceptSimLog is a TIdConnectionIntercept descendant that implements a mechanism used to perform logging activities when data if read from or written to the connection for an intercept. 

TIdInterceptSimLog provides a Filename property that indicates the file to use for storing log file entries. The log file is recreated each time the connection for the intercept is connected. 

TIdInterceptSimLog performs logging using string outputs instead of binary so that the results can be viewed and modified with any ASCII file editor. Most Send and/or Receive operations includes a writeln (or EOL marker), but may not always. TIdInterceptSimLog writes an additional EOL marker to guarantee separation between lines in the log file. 

TIdInterceptSimLog, like all TIdConnectionIntercept descendants, can be assigned to an TIdIOHandler instance to provide data from the IOHandler.

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