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TIdIdentQueryEvent Type

Event type signalled to implement identification of a connection.

TIdIdentQueryEvent = procedure (AContext:TIdContext; AServerPort, AClientPort : Integer) of object;
Client thread for the event notification.
Port number for the server connection.
Port number for the client connection. 

TIdIdentQueryEvent is an event type signalled during execution of a threaded-client connection for TIdIdentServer. TIdIdentQueryEvent is the event type signalled to the TIdIdentServer.OnIdentQuery property, and allows the server to implement the system-dependent mechanism required to identify the user on the specified client connection. 

AThread represents the thread of execution for the client connection. AServerPort and AClientPort are the values read from the client connection in AThread, and indicate the connection of interest for the Ident protocol. 

Applications must assign a procedure to the event handler to allow responding to the event notification. The event handler must use AThread, AServerPort, and AClientPort to locate the user identifier for the specified connection. 

If a connection exists for the specified values, the user identifier for the connection should be sent as a reply using TIdIdentServer.ReplyIdent

If a connection exists, but the identifier does not conform to the username or mail address requirements of the Ident protocol, the reply message should be sent using TIdIdentServer.ReplyOther

A reply message may also be sent using TIdIdentServer.ReplyError for specific TIdIdentErrorType values, when the associated error condition is detected.

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