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TIdIdent Class

Implements an Ident protocol client.

TIdIdent = class(TIdTCPClientCustom);

TIdIdent is a TIdTCPClientCustom descendant that implements an Ident protocol as a client, as described in the Internet Standards document: 

RFC 1413 - Identification Protocol  

TIdIdent provides a way to determine the identity of a client using a specific connection. Given a TCP port number pair, an Ident server can return a character string which identifies the owner of that connection on the server's system. In essence, the Ident protocol is used like an "Internet Caller ID". 

TIdIdent is a TIdTCPClient descendant that connects to the address specified in Host using the IdPORT_AUTH Port number, as required by RFC 1413. 

You may optionally set the property value in QueryTimeout prior to calling the Query method with the required port number pair. System-dependent user information about the identified connection is read from the Ident server reply, and stored in corresonding TIdIdent properties. Property values can be incomplete if a timeout occurs, or an error response is received from the Ident server.

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